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Power Scooters in Houston, TX

When you find yourself struggling to complete your regular chores and errands due to fatigue and discomfort, it may be time to invest in a scooter. Spring Branch Medical Supply offers power scooters in Houston, TX, to anyone who needs help getting around. No matter if you are struggling due to old age, a disability, an illness, or an injury, our power scooter store is happy to help you find the best mobility aid for your needs. In addition to power scooters, we also sell more compact and travel-ready mobility scooters. While power scooters are heavy-duty, comfortable and great for tackling challenging terrains and long trips, mobility scooters are more suited for people who want lightweight equipment. Browse our website to learn more about the different advantage of these two scooter types, or contact our experts.

Elderly Man Riding Power Scooter in Houston, TX

What You'll Find at Our Power Scooter Store

Explore our power scooter store to find the very best in disability scooter engineering and technology. Our vast medical equipment inventory includes a wide selection of full-size three-wheel and four-wheel power scooters from the nation's most trusted manufacturers like Golden Technologies.

Two of our best-selling full-size power scooters are the Golden Technologies Golden Avenger and their Companion series. These scooters offer comfortable seating, long-lasting batteries, and larger weight capacities than compact scooters.

Many of them are capable of traveling off-road and come with a bright headlight, allowing you to travel more safely no matter where you roam. Visit our showroom or browse our online catalog to learn more about the features and benefits of our available power scooters. Rentals are also available through our power scooter store. If you need a loaner while your usual scooter gets repaired or any other reason, we are happy to rent a disability scooter to you.

The Electric Disability Scooter Versus the Power Wheelchair

While both power scooters and power wheelchairs offer you independence and the ability to travel, there are several key differences between these two types of equipment. Those who use a scooter tend to have better balance and can use both their hands to steer. Likewise, people who choose scooters over wheelchairs are more likely to be able to stand and walk briefly, and typically can sit upright without support. Power scooters are also usually easier to assemble and capable of higher speeds. If you are unsure which option is best for you, feel free to seek advice from the staff members are our store.

Contact us for more information on the full-size power scooters we sell. We proudly serve Houston, Spring Branch, Memorial, Katy, and Bunker Hill Village, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas.